Checkargos is a site for checking stock of items in all Argos.ie stores. It was first launched in September 2011.
Please contact us at sevenleaps@gmail.com or @checkargos if you have any suggestions or conerns.


Is the stock data up to date?
We query Argos' site for every request so the stock data is the same as it is on Argos' website.
Do you know when this product is coming into stock?
No, We do not know more information about a products availablity than is on the Argos website.
Do you have anything to do with Argos?
No, Checkargos are not associated with Argos.
Why are the links to Argos not directly to Argos?
They are referal links, they are from the official Argos affialite program. Idealy we would have liked to keep the links as direct Argos links but this was the only way to do them. If you have any concerns about the links please contact us.